To utilize the web services and applications provided by Techniek Nederland, users are required to have an account with Techniek Nederland. This requirement also applies when third-party software utilizes these web services. In such cases, the users must still log in with their Techniek Nederland account so that the services can be accessed on their behalf.

Authentication is performed using the OAuth (and OIDC) protocol. Users can log in through the Identity Service Provider (IDP) of Techniek Nederland, which can be accessed at Third-party software can refer to this IDP using the OAuth protocol.

Third-party software needs a client_id and client_secret to use the Identity Service Provider. These credentials can be requested from Peter Zwakhals by sending an email to

The following tutorials provide detailed instructions for enabling third-party software to allow users to log in and access Techniek Nederland’s web services on their behalf. Additionally, the tutorials explain how to retrieve user data and invoke Techniek Nederland’s services on behalf of the user.

For any further assistance or inquiries, please contact our support team at

Note: This documentation assumes a basic understanding of web development and authentication protocols such as OAuth. Should you require more info, please have a look at for instance for an in depth and thorough explanation.